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Native American Heritage Month: Home

The Task

Essential Question: 

How can studying the lives of Native Americans help us understand our country ?

  • You will become an expert on the contributions of a Native American 
  • You will create an ebook that will help teach your classmates about your chosen topic.
  • You will research and take notes using multiple types of text about your topic.
  • You will cite the sources you use

Book Creator

How to log in to Book Creator

Click on link for Book Creator (see above)

Click "Student sign in"

Click "Sign in with Office 365"

Your sign in is:

  • Username is - (but use your student ID number, not 091XXXX)
  • Password is - your regular computer password
  • You will need a library code to join (ask your librarian)

Notetaking Form

Find a book on your topic

Taking Notes

Recommended Databases

Powerpoint Template - Lewis

Resource List in Destiny

Epic! Books

Cite your sources