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Policies - Checkouts/Fines, Collection Development, Role of LMS: Checkouts/Fines

Checkout Policies

Library Materials

Students may check out up to five library items at a time for a one month period. Renewal is available for most items.

Do not hesitate to talk with library staff if more checkouts are needed for projects or specific circumstances.


Students may have as many textbooks out as are necessary for their assigned courses.

Textbooks are due when they are no longer needed for the course.

For example:

- Textbooks for semester-long courses are due at the end of the semester.

- Textbooks for year-long courses are due at the end of the school year.

- Novels or other materials checked out for a particular unit are due when that unit is done. A short grace period will be given before the materials are marked overdue/lost.

Returning Library Materials

During the school day, return library materials to the library.

- You may hand them directly to library staff or put them in the library drop box.

- Technology (mp3 players, laptops, etc.) should always be handed to a library staff member.

After school hours, you may return library books and textbooks to the black return box in front of the NKHS main entrance.

- DO NOT return technology to this drop box.

- Please do not over-fill the drop box. If you can't easily put your book inside, it's too full.

How to Handle Lost/Damaged Books

Options for Handling Lost/Damaged Books:

Always check first with library staff!

If a book is damaged, it may be possible to repair. Do not repair it yourself as we have special book repair supplies that work best. Let us take a look before paying or replacing in case we can repair the book.

Paying for Item

If you lose or damage a library item, you can pay for it at any school. We will let you know the cost.

You may pay at the NKHS ASB Office OR here through ONLINE PAYMENTS (

There is a short window during which you may be reimbursed for a 'found' book. Please speak with library staff about this district policy.

Replacing Item

If you prefer, you may replace your lost item with the same copy, same binding (hardcover lost, hardcover replaced). We will accept used copies in good condition. Keep in mind that if you choose this option but find your original book later, there's nothing we can do to change the outcome. Your book replacement will already be on the library shelf and you're out of luck! It's cheaper but riskier.