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Library Mission Statement

The mission of the Poulsbo Middle School Library is to promote access to information and ideas through quality print and digital resources.  Students are taught to be ethical users and producers of information, while also cultivating their enjoyment of reading for pleasure.  All members of the Poulsbo Middle School community are welcome to enjoy the library!



Students are allowed to have the resources they need without any specific limit.  However, checkout privileges will be suspended if the following expectations are not met:

  • Books and materials can be checked out for 2 weeks, unless otherwise specified
  • Books and materials may be renewed as often as necessary, if there is not a hold on the item(s)
  • Overdue books and materials become a fine after a 7 day grace period.
  • Library materials are expected to be returned in the condition in which they were borrowed.  Fines for damaged materials may be assigned.
  • Library fines must be resolved as soon as possible by paying for, or replacing, the missing or damaged item.  

​Textbooks are loaned to students for the duration of their course or unit.  Due to the high cost of these items, it is recommended that students return them as soon as they are no longer needed.


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