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8th Grade - Explorer Research: Home

Resources for 8th grade students conducting research on explorers.

Database or Website?

What's the difference between a database and a website?  Which source is the best for your research project?

Websites: Databases:
  • free on the internet
  • can be created by anyone
  • must be evaluated to judge accuracy and reliability
  • typically written for adults
  • ads & "click bait"
  • subscription provides access for our students through the library
  • information is created and reviewed by experts
  • information is regularly updated
  • contain features to make the information easier to read and/or understand
  • no advertisements

Source Tracker

For this project you are required to use at least 2 quality sources.  Cite them properly.

Textbook Source

History Alive! the United States Through Industrialim by Wendy Frey 

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Recommended Databases

Recommended Websites

Why Cite?

It is important to give credit to your sources for many reasons:

  • To show your reader that you've done proper research by sharing the quality resources you used
  • To be a responsible researcher by giving credit to other experts and their ideas.
  • To avoid plagiarism by properly quoting the words and ideas of others.
  • To give your reader the information they need to track down your sources if they would like to read further.

"Citing sources: Why & how to do it" YouTube, uploaded by OSLIS Elementary Libraries, August 2, 2018,

Multimedia Resources

Evaluate Your Sources