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8th Grade Constitutional Issues CBA: Home

Resources to support the 8th grade Social Studies CBA

The Task

Citizens in a democracy have the right and responsibility to make informed decisions.  You will make an informed decision on a public issue after researching and discussing different perspectives on this issue.

Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction - July 2008

Cite Your Sources

  • Login through CLEVER
  • Create a new project "CBA 2020"
  • You are required to cite at least 3 credible sources

Consitutional Issues CBA & Rubric

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First Amendment

National Constitution Center. "The First Amendment Overiew Part I". YouTube, uploaded by the National Constitution Center, October 15, 2019,

Recommended Databases

Recommended Websites

Textbook Source

History Alive! the United States Through Industrialim by Wendy Frey 

The Constitution

When citing the Constitution, you may follow this simple example:

United States Constitution. Art./Amend. XII, Sec. 3.

You need only provide either the article number or the amendment number as appropriate.

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