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During the extended closure, students in high school have an opportunity to catch up on missing work from their classes. Be sure to check Skyward Family Access for assignments and watch for communication from your teachers!  

The links on this page are suggestions to keep students engaged in learning and are not required.

Class of 2020 - NKSD

College Board AP

Additional High School Resources

AP Students:  Students in AP courses should continue to engage in and practice for their potential upcoming exams.  Please go to AP Central for content specific practice exams to continue this practice.

Generic Supports for All:  Teachers have resources on their individual websites—you may choose to look their for some content specific ideas; NYC Online Learn at Home Resources have solid practice skill ideas and worksheets:

Free SAT Practice from Kahn Academy
Smarter Balanced Practice Tests
College Board AP - resources for specific AP courses

Accessing School Email


Continuing to practice and deepen your skills in your core math area is essential.  Some strategies include:

For Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2

Online text book available at:

Username: nk.1234567     
(this is "nk" followed by a period followed by the student’s 7 digit student ID)

Password: FL1234567         
First initial, Last initial (both capitalized), followed by student ID (without a period this time)  

Kuta Software Worksheets - Free printable math worksheets     

Science and Technology

High School Science includes both content specific standards, as well as Science skills such as designing investigations, developing and using models, analyzing and interpreting data, and constructing explanations and designing solutions.  Some strategies include:

  • Reviewing and doing practice problems from key sections of your science book.
  • Khan Academy offers excellent online simulations.
  • Design and analyze your own experiment at home:  some online resources for this include and 

Additional Resources:

Khan Academy Science - all high school sciences - computer science

English Language Arts

High School ELA standards include focusing on reading both literary and informational texts, personal writing and formal writing, speaking and listening.  Some activities to continue these skills include:

  • Read a novel and journal:  pull out important quotes and explain why they are important; find connections between events in the novel and events in your real life; write a personal response to the main character; go online and read a literary criticism of the novel.
  • Read an informational text:  guidebook, nonfiction book, manual, speeches, journalistic pieces and news articles, essays, etc.  Write a personal response, pull out facts, research the events or topics related to the text.
  • Watch an interview or newscast—listen for key facts and strategies being employed by the speakers.

Additional Resources:

Smarter Balanced - Sample SBA questions and practice tests.
Breakout EDU - Breakout style learning activities
Excelsior Online Writing Lab 
Khan Academy ELA

Social Studies

High School Social Studies standards include geography, civics, economics, history, and social studies skills such as critical thinking, inquiry-based research, deliberating public issues, and supporting claims with evidence.  Some activities to consider:

  • Watch current events, looking for different perspectives, use of data, and analyzing facts as they are presented.  Compare and contrast the different perspectives presented.
  • Review the content from your history text, responding to critical questions and reviewing key facts and details.
  • Select an event in history relevant to the history course you are enrolled in.  Research that event, looking for ten key events leading up to it and analyzing the impact of that event.

Additional Resources:

Khan Academy History - History topics for all ages
Washington Historical Society
Washington State History